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Jan Abrahamse

In the municipality Slochteren lie the hamlet Schaaphok, existing from twelve houses and farms. The name has been borrowed from the fold of the lords of the Frayelemaborg. They let their sheep herd graze in their own area, of the green dike until the Slochter IJ, at south of the Slochterdiep. The hamlet lies on the junction of the Slochterdiep and the Woltersumer Ae. the lord of the guarantor levied here toll for the passing ships. In Schaaphok no. 2 are themselves kerkje the former that it was built in 1905, for Mr. E.J. thomassen à Thuessink of of the hope, then of lord of the Fraeylemaborg. Four spans broad gebouwtje have peak hours arc windows with gietijzeren tracering and houten a roof rider. The kerkje have done service for the godvruchtige inhabitants of Schaaphok to 1968. the god house offered space for about fifty people. The services were looked after by a evangelist Slochteren. I have heard of people that celebrating the kerstfeest was here complete sociable. The stove ensured heating and was sung there at a staircase organ, thus Jan Scheidema, which has bought the being empty kerkje in 1976. ' the architectural state was well, the walls stood dead straight but the windows had been thrown in and the bell had been stolen.' During the verbouwing in 1983, the church banks and the sermon chair have been removed. It exists now from an open space of ten at six meters. To the front a hall is and to the back is itself the pastures a serre with a splendid view concerning. The gebouwtje are inhabited Jan Scheidema and its friend Bert Bullema.

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